Dark Triad Dangers- The Top Level Of Game

Being in the pickup industry, i’m sure you’re aware of the magnetic pull such men have when embodying the dark triad traits. Look only so far as Ted Bundy, or Marilyn Manson aswell as the several studies out there that prove dark triad is the pinnacle of top level attraction.


I bet his approach >lay is higher than yours

As i started my journey in pickup i was a shy, nervous, ‘nice guy’, who had zero sexual appeal. Over time, i worked hard on myself and through pickup i changed my behaviors and personality to become more attractive to women, aswell as myself.

Pickup and game teaches you to become more dark triad. There’s nothing wrong with that. And for alot of ‘nice guys’ like myself,  it’s what you need have any hope in the sexual market place. Think of it like the spice to your steak. If you don’t have any spice it’s bland. Too much spice and it kills the taste. With just the right amount it works well. They key being balance.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to progress further into the dark triad.  I’m talking high-level pimp game. It was a serious moral dilemma i was facing.

Knowing that if i went down that route it would make me even more magnetizing to women to a chemically dangerous degree. Nothing wrong with that as long as i get the girl right?

Wrong. There is a price to pay for going so far on the spectrum. I think it’s important for everyone to know the risks involved going forward into pickup incase they decide it’s not for them.

The spectrum:


If you’re too far down the line of bad boy will be an INCREDIBLY difficult task to re-wire and program yourself back to a ‘normal’ baseline. So you have to be aware of what you’re getting into.

I’ll preface by saying whatever strategy you choose, i have no problem against. I have nothing against an extremely dominant male who fully embodies dark triad traits , he will reap the benefits but will pay a cost.

This cost is that you may just end up bitter, unhappy, externally-validated, place a great important on manipluation, exploitation and a grand ego.

So what are you to do? Well as newtons 3rd law states

“for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” 

In this case being, “the light triad”.

Now i draw you back to my own pickup journey. I was developing these dark triad traits which were helping me get better results, but they were eating up parts of your soul. I would become difficult around friends, place a great important of entitlement about myself and always wants things going my own way.

On a deep fundamental level i was unhappy. Even though carrying on mean’t i could get to the highest level of game, pimp-game, i didn’t want to pay the trade-off of my soul. So am i doomed? It was then i found out about the light triad.

A shift in focus. Working on myself for myself, and revelling in fullfiling my own purpose and desires. Embodying the healthy traits of the dark triad. The golden sweet spot being the mix between the bad boy and the nice guy.

And discovering that the light triad of game at it’s highest level is equal if not better than the dark triad. Men who have real value, like Steve Jobs or a top premier league footballer, do you think they need to be dark triad? No, they have real value.

This is why i believe the ultimate level of game is to become this Bright Triad.   A mixture of the healthy dark triad traits, combined with the light triad. And the results being you don’t even loose any of the girls because if women like you they like you.

Women want a powerful men, either way.  If you are powerful and good, they will tell you how in awe they are of you for your moral power; if you are powerful and wicked, they will tell you how in awe they are of your cutthroat might.

You can still have the highest level of and get the same girls, but still have your soul intact, feeling good. That sounds like a better option to me.

I think alot of guys get into this thinking they have to become, Marilyn Manson or become “insert pua here” to get the girls he’s desires. That’s not the case at all.  You still need the attractive traits of the dark triad don’t get me wrong, but you don’t have to live in the darkness for ever.

I know few genuine dark triad men, whether they are developed or naturally like that. They don’t seem ‘happy’, they aren’t pleasant to hang around with, and it leads to the conclusion that –  there are more important things in life than women and money.

This is coming from someone who whenever that was said to me i, would revolt. Women were the most important thing for me, i was needy and desperate. And if you said to me i’d do literally anything to get that handled.

If you think women are the most important thing, and it’s about getting thousands of lays and dying a bachelor on your own, with no friends or family around you, then live that life. But if you ever get to 60 and realize you lived a life of a mistake, realize it would be pretty hard to change.

I will also say that this dark triad might work in the short term but in the long term the girls always find out, and definitely wouldn’t see it as anything more than one time thing.

The light triad sets you up better in the long term, becoming the sort of man that a woman wants to be with, rather than merely the temporary persona of such a man.

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2018 Daygame Statistics + Year Review

Bit of a delayed post but nonetheless here is my 2018 stats and year review.

Due to loosing my phone later in the year it was impossible to get the exact numbers for statistics during the middle period from May – August ( 4 months) so estimations were made of the lesser effect to have the best accuracy.

From April to August i landed a bar job doing long hours to save for the Daygame Immersion Project. I hardly did any daygame at all. If we look at the previous months before i got the job being (17,15,16,4) approaches, i suspect the 4 months period to be similar as from memory i barely approached, apart from the odd approach here and there.

I did have a string of Thursdays as my day off . I would use that to daygame but i wouldn’t be free till the evening and and would only do a handful of approaches. More often that not i’d do 1 or 2 approaches and end up on a date. It was the only time i had free, i made the best of out a bad situation and i think on some level the girls feel that.

The most approaches i would have done a week would have been 10, i recall some weeks to be close to none so through averaging it out i decided 15/20 would be over estimating but close enough to use as the base to over compensate.



Total: 306 approaches

Lays: 5

Near Misses: 5

Dates: 20

Numbers: 170

Approach to Lay Ratio – 1 in 61.2 approx 1:60 (1:50 with logistics)

Approach to Date Ratio: 1 in 15.3 approx 1:15

Approach to Number Ratio: 55%

Approach to NearMiss/lay: 1:30

Numbers to Day 2: 17 numbers for a D2

Now i’ll compare these stats to my 2017 daygame stats and 2016 results.


I did 30% less approaches than in 2017, 306 compared to 448. In 2016 it took me 39 approaches for a date, 32 in 2017, and 15 in 2018.

In 2016 it took me 39 numbers for a solid number, 50 in 2017, and in 2018 it was down to 17. In 2016 it took me 390 approaches for a lay, 150 in 2017, and 60 (or 50 with logistics) in 2018.

This shows a massive increase in my results since last year by more than 50%. I’ll get onto why i think this is later. *

The 2018 year started off great with 2 lays in 2 months, despite not having logistics down. The following month of March i landed a bar job and knuckled down for the next 4 months. This was to save for my 3 month daygame immersion project. Although hardly approaching i still managed a few dates and near misses during this time.

Once i’d saved enough i moved into a CBD apartment in September and 3 month project was underway. The results were 3 lays and 3 near misses. I then sold the apartment and moved back to my parents place for 2 weeks. I’d planned a summer vacation in Sydney, Australia.

In my final week in the country i met a  cute Slovakian girl for an interesting date days before my flight. I spent the remainder of the year in Sydney where further dates and near misses happened before celebrating new years eve at the notorious Ivy nightclub.

Highlights and lowlights:


1.2018 Off To A Good Start – Nightgame Pull

2.Coventry Girl Date and Lay

3.4.5. 3 Month Daygame Immersion Project Podcasts

Near Misses:

  1. Indian Girl Club Pull

2,3,4.  Stripper Bounceback Blowjob, Perisan Milf Bounceback, Brazilian Near Miss – Podcasts

5. 2 Set Scottish Girl in Sydney

-Slovakian Blonde date days before my flight to Sydney

-Australian Swimwear Model Date in Sydney


I’m quite pleased in the results i’d gotten last year, despite not approaching for more than half the year, the project and general statistics give me a good sense of where i’m at going forward.

After 5 years in the game, it’s more of a case of where i want to take things going forward, then trying to get laid.

* The biggest reason i believe that led to such a massive increase in my results as compared to previous years is down to one thing, self focus.

I didn’t try to compete with other daygamers or experts for an ego battle. I looked at others for inspiration but i understood where i was at in my journey and stayed comitted to bettering myself. You compete against yourself.

This mean’t alot of the mental RAM that is spent trying to compete and worry about others wasn’t wasted and could be used more efficiently.

Aswell as having many others things going on in life, which gives your vibe a great deal of improvement. You’re no longer the guy that runs up and down the street saying “Excuse me, are you Swedish” but you have others things going on in your life, normalizing the interaction.

For myself, my job as a bartender allowed for a great positive spike in vibe, working with a good team and having many fun nights.  playing Football at a competitive level was another passion that i carried on which is great for fitness and vibe spikes, doing what you love.

I spent the remainder of the 2018 year in Sydney for a holiday and to contemplate on things going forward. I happened to bump into a Australian Swimwear model that was my type to a T and we ended up on a instant date for my final date of the year.

Cheers to an eventful 2019.

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3 Month Daygame Immersion Results

Despite loosing a lot of information with my phone being stolen, I’d been keeping track on paper form journaling which allowed me to recover a large part of the project but of course a loss of video footage, text exchanges and notes, and podcasts.

This had led to a bit of a delay in the release of the project, but nonetheless I’ve just uploaded the final podcast of the series which details my journey in the project and all the girls i’d met during that time.


Now onto the stats of the project. My original goal was to get 3+ lays in 3 months to prove to myself that I have a reasonable amount of intermediate+ game.

I was tired of the variance of results I’d been getting and I wanted to see where I stand when i had logistics down and giving daygame a fair crack.

the results were:

Month 1– 29 approaches (3,7,6,13)

Month 2– 66 approaches (16,21,11,18)

Month 3– 63 approaches (21,15,17,10)

Total: 158 approaches

Lays: 3

Close near misses/girls on bed : 3

Dates: 10 dates

Numbers :100 *

Approach to Lay ratio- 1:52 approx 1:50

Approach to Date ratio- 1:15.8 approx 1:16

Approach to Number ratio- 1.58 = 63%

Approach to Near Miss/Lay: 26.33 approx 1:26

Number to day 220 numbers for a D2

Month 1 started off quite slower than I expected only doing 3,7,6 approaches in the first few weeks. It was difficult to get the ball rolling after a few months of only working my job with no approaching, but before long I kicked myself into gear and we were off by month 2.

My work situation that I had planned didn’t fall in my favor. I’d planned to work only 2 days a week taking Saturday off, but ended up working several Saturday’s alongside 3-4 days during the week. From experience Saturday is a good day for chilling, daygame, dates and night game. I did have the occasional Saturday off but not what I had planned.

It was also a bit of a struggle some days having done 11-14 hour shifts the night before to stumble out and talk to girls, but the project kept my focused and I think I did well considering.

By month 2 my approaches increased to 10+ a week as momentum started to build, and as the podcast talks about 2 months in, i realized why most of my data was getting quite skewed. was going out day and night, 5 days a week and I came to the conclusion that it can be quite draining doing it like that.

In the following week, I wanted to switch my focus to just daygame, nightgame only 2-3 times a week. This resulted in one of the best weeks I’d had for daygame pulling 2 girls home on my bed, the Persian milf and getting a blowjob off a stripper within 30 minutes,  but not sealing either.


Failing to seal the deal yesterday

In the 3rd month I felt the pressure of things coming to an end, moving out of my apartment and such I had to push things hard with a lot of the leads I had. I managed the 3rd lay with a Cute German girl 1 week in, and the pressure was off.

I see the stats as a baseline to judge where you’re at too a degree, not gospel.  As i talk about in my podcast series, had i stayed one month longer or had more time, it could greatly have affected better results but what ever is chalked up in the end stands.

In my final week of the project I managed to crack and loose my phone which was a big downer as that was supposed to be the week I went the hardest.

I still managed the stress of the situation, got over it and went out and talked to girls but it was immensely frustrating loosing a lot of data, all my leads of the project and footage over the last 3 months.

After the project completed, i sold my inner city apartment and moved back to my parents place quite a distance from the CBD. I had a further few interesting dates in the country before flying out to Australia for the summer and NYE where further interesting dates happened.

My full 2018 year in review will be my next post where I reflect back on everything that has happened, highlights of the year and future projects I have planned for 2019.


*In order to calculate the number closes, i added up all the facebook/whatsapp/audio recorded numbers i had saved which was 35+45= 80, then from memory added another 20 numbers from girls that i had remembered to =100. The reality being it could be a bit higher but for the sake of accuracy i’ll take the lower number that i know for certain it would be so 100.

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The Magic of Daygame

One of the students i’ve recently been coaching had been having quite a difficult time in his seduction journey, on the brink of a meltdown he contacted me and his symptoms i find quite common amongst the ‘newer’ generation daygamers.

These include:

  • Frustration with results, going home defeated most nights
  • Depression due to results, focused on the outcome wayyyyy to much
  • Bitterness and denial,so continues too spam approach bad game
  • Unrealistic world view when theory meets reality
  • Not understanding why there not banging a stripper in a toilet every day.
  • Meltdown.

What my student usually looks like, is it you too?

In my earlier days i was inspired and looked up to the original London Daygame.com crew of Andy Yosha, Jon Matrix, Tom Torero, Yad, Diggler and others. If Daygame 1.0 was Mystery, and the original founders of game, i call this era 2.0. Learning about daygame having been pretty much invisible to women my whole life was like a superpower. First number, kiss, date and lay EVER.

This was my 2 year journey to get my first lay, and the only thing that kept me going was the daygame magic. Here and there little sparkles of energy that would mesmerise your heart and spurr you further on your journey.

The original motivation for the birth of daygame was primarly this. This Sparkle, crackle, fizz and pop. If you were around at this time, you were lucky enough to experience it but i tend to find newer generation daygamers completely miss the mark. Daygame 3.0 or is it 4.0? It’s all about the next +1, the next lay, the next result. [1]

That would have been impossible for me, impossible for Mystery, impossible for anyone in that time. Oldschool daygamers had to work hard to figure out and pioneer the way that very few had etched.

We kinda just enjoyed the ride, and knew there was going to be ups and downs. For every few weeks of heartache you’d catch a little break with a cute girl on an instant date and it would make all the hard work worth it. And so on. It was a journey.

Looking at wings and others for inspiration and healthy competition but ultimately you were competing against yourself.

My student was missing the magic of daygame. 


Real daygame magic yesterday

After my daygame immersion project last year, i pushed things to a reasonable degree to get a good idea of where i’m at, in terms of “effort inputted+SMV= results”. The next question becomes do i keep trying to optimize to get better, if so to what end?

If you’re getting 1 lay out of every 100 approaches, you optimize to say 1 in 30, which is arguably what some of the best daygamers in the ‘pickup world’ are getting. They of course go through periods where it’s better or worse but that’s generally considered top level daygame.

Then what? Keep going and optimizing? Keep going to get it down to 1 in 5? Maybe even 1 in 1? When does it end? What began as a pursuit of one’s own journey of bettering himself and meeting woman takes a dive into a dangerous place.

I can understand if your ratio is 1/100 you want to improve your results but once you get to 1/40/30 you build confidence in your ability to know that if you go out and talk to X number of girls you will eventually get laid or have a near miss. You get the skillset down to a decent level.

This is what the statistics and data provides you with, a reference to backup your results. The disclaimer being you have off days in daygame where nothing sticks, you do 50 sets that end up going nowhere. Then you have 1 week were you pull back 2,3,4 girls home etc..etc..

Mr Tom Torero put a post on his blog recently called “Morphing Motivations” and i want to highlight a quote:

“The pressure’s on to outperform each other which raises both your game but creates a subtle stress. You send a “+1” text to your wing which you know will annoy him.”

It wasn’t a game we played to text +1, +2, +3 to outperform your wing that’s never what daygame was ever about. For me and many others from the 2.0 generation, we took daygame as something more wholesome. You have to be careful to not go too far into the competitive nature of daygame.  

I completely understand this progression it’s the natural course of things. The generation before was a working class generation, they had to work hard to get things. The next generation only see’s the fruits of their labour. So there only goal is to get what they think matters, the fruits.

Oldschool daygamers had to work hard to figure out and pioneer the way. New daygamers only see the fruits and so there only goal is to get the next lay, +1, competition.

This was the problem with my student, he was chasing so much that even if he ever did get success it was eating him up entirely in the process.

Generation 2.0 daygamers for the most part never had issues of bitterness, frustration with results, unhealthy competing amongst fellow wings. To a point where it would cripple them.

We understood it was a journey, it was ups and downs, ebs and flows, and it was all part of the process. But most importantly we felt the joy of daygame. We were figuring it out.

Look to your wings or others for inspiration sure, but ultimately your competing with yourself.  Re-kindle that joy for daygame, because it’s what makes it all worth it and will leave you a happier man.


[1] This has it’s relevence but not in the direction i see it going amongst newer daygamers, of it being a unhealthy competition.  Competition can be healthy but if you go to far you loose sight of the purpose.

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2014 Daygame Journey Showreel + Book Release

Throughout 2014 and the subsequent years i’d been gathering up infield footage of dates, approaches and encounters in the daygame world and compiling them into a compilation. Not cumpilation 😉

Every so often when i was feeling down or feeling like i couldn’t go on in my journey, i would play this video to remind myself of the journey that i’d been on, how far i’d come, the girls i’d met and more importantly, the experiences i’d had. It would spring me back to life.

This is the compilation I’ve created for the earlier years of my daygame journey, i hope it motivates you to to live life on the edge as it did for me.

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Time Off After 5 Years

I completed my daygame project towards the end of last year. 3 months of hitting the streets hard, to see how far i could push things when i had logistics under my control.

I then decided to take a few months off to assess my journey, and where i wanted to take things moving forward. It would be madness to continue doing the same thing again and again, and i figured after hitting the streets consistently more or less for the last 5 years, (2019 being my 6th year in the game) i had bought myself some off-time.

I also had a few things on backlog that were due for completion, so it was good to reflect on the 5 year journey i’ve had in the game, improving this area of my life, where i’m at now, and where i want to take it.  


Deep contemplation yesterday “fuck it’s been 5 years?”

When i first started out in daygame i couldn’t even do a single cold approach for months, slowly i got there, and then it became a similar issue for getting numbers, dates then finally getting laid.

My project last year gave me a good understanding of my SMV, how girls more or less react to me based on my skillset and thus my results of approach>lay.

I’m enjoying my downtime, and although i may do the occasional odd approach, i just don’t feel the energy to go out to the city and talk to women. It feels good being in this period so i will use it to reflect and work on the backlog that i want completed by the end of the year.

This includes:

  • My Daygame Memoir – 50,00 words, 1st Draft completed, needs a rework to beef it out and then it will be finalized.  – Will recommence work this month
  • Daygame 3 Month Immersion Project – Uploading the weekly podcasts and infields that were recorded as the project progressed. Then uploading the results of the project.
  • 2018 Daygame Year Stats Review  – Already written, will be published by the end of the month.
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Daygame Meltdown 1.0

I managed to leave my phone on a park bench the other day, to return home feel my pockets and gasp in horror. Running back to the bench to find it disappeared and untraceable, unbacked up was costly.

I’d pretty much lost most of my leads from the last 3 months of the project aswell as notes, screenshots, pictures, videos , podcasts recorded since i didn’t have any of them backed up till before this point.

I will do the best i can to piece things together in the 2nd part of my project where i try to re-organize and upload my results of the project but it is frustrating having lost alot of footage and statistics.

This led to me to have a bit of meltdown for about a day or two before realizing that i had no other option but to keep going forward. It is what it is, but as the leadership of the British people said ” Keep calm and carry on”.


Popped back a few of these tea bags over the last week

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