3 Month Daygame Immersion Project Introduction

It’s been almost 6 months since my last post, and I’ve been away working hard to save up for a 3 month daygame immersion project i had planned. 3 months in the city, not having to worry too much about finances and pushing my daygame to the limit. Recording the whole journey throughout the 3 months. That was my plan.

Here is my introduction video on Youtube for the project:

My expected results for the project, as a general rule of thumb, intermediate Daygamers can get 1 Lay a Month. So i predict atleast 3 Lays in 3 months. The reality might be a bit more, but i’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Last week was my first official week in the city and i already managed to get my first lay on a Thursday night backpacker night. So it’s looking promising.


Good start to the week



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Coventry Girl Date and Lay

As i sat at home editing away on my new book, i was considering the 2 options i had for the evening. Stay at home and watch a movie, or head out into the city to meet Mr.A, for our regular Thursday night Pub Crawl.

I decided with the latter and called Mr.A telling him i’d be in the city at around 7pm. I arrived and dropped my gym bag off at his place before we sat down to have a de-brief.

He told me the various things he wanted to work on in the night ahead to avoid ‘frustration’ afterwards, such as ‘bouncing a girl’ to test for compliance.

Having had the nightgame lay 1 week before, i didn’t have as much pressure on the outcome and simply wanted to have a good time given the stressful week i’d had.[1]

I offered him advice on the situation and how to best avoid having a ‘frustrating night out’ before we headed out.

We walked up the street looking to do some warm-up sets, but the streets were completely empty, so we headed to the pub crawl’s first venue.

Once there we spotted the other “game guys” out, who we nicknamed the “RSD Guys” . This was because they followed alot of RSD material and mainly went out during the night.

Me and Mr.A spoke to a few girls before moving to the next venue. Once there we opened a few more girls each but compared to previous Thursday nights, there just wasn’t much to shoot at.

We decided to go to KFC but on the way out of the club we spotted a tall blonde girl standing by the toilets whom we hadn’t seen all night.

She was with a not so tall or attractive, brunette friend. I wanted to wait till the friend left to avoid the potential cock-block but after a few minutes i realized it wasn’t going to happen.

I went in and opened asking if they were the toilet police standing so close to the toilets with such an authoritative look. They both loved it, but i started to feel the brunette drifting towards me.

The blonde girl was semi-into it but seemed pre-occupied. A few moments later a guy came over and put his hand round the waist of the blonde, and she seemed into it. He could either be the world’s smoothest operator or they knew each other from before.

Moments later he pulled her away leaving me to talk to the brunette as she continued to persist in conversation with me. Once the blonde left i figured i might aswell get some action so i told her to close her eyes to try something something before i kissed her.

We kissed briefly before she said she had to go back to her friend and i didn’t persist leaving with Mr.A to get some food.

On the way to get food we walked past a club that we hadn’t been to that night, but was usually quite good so we figured we’d just go in to check it out.

We walked in and scanned the dance floor, again not seeing much to work with, so we headed for the smoking balcony.

Once there Mr.A spotted another RSD guy so we went over to have a chat. In the corner there was a cute blonde girl sat down on her phone texting aggressively.

I asked the RSD guy why he hadn’t spoken to her and he said it was all mine. I joked about him being so generous, before i decided i’d go and say hello.


Like this with a phone not a book

I went over teasing her about her aggressive phone texting and she loved it. She was from Coventry in the UK, and had great English banter, so naturally the conversation flowed.

She said she was at the club with 2 friends who were inside. I wasn’t sure at the time if she had more friends outside so i didn’t want to do any strong overt escalation.

She started to get very touchy and i could see the change in her eyes once i was caressing her hands back, so i immediately changed my decision and went for the kiss.

She kissed me back before stopping as she overhead the RSD guy say “there he goes” to Mr.A. Not great calibration by him, but i apologized to her and it didn’t seem to ruin things too much.

We carried on making out before suddenly the guy that was sat opposite us grabbed Coventry girls drink and threw it off the balcony.

I pulled away to look at him and he was giving me dagger eyes. I asked her if she knew who the guy was but she said she didn’t.

He proceeded to get up and walk away in a massive huff and i figured he might of been jealous seeing what had gone on.

Since her drink was thrown away she went off to buy another and she offered to buy me one so we headed to the bar for a round.

We moved to sit on the couches inside by the bar as i tried to figure out the logistics. She was staying quite far away with an English guy who was she was there with at the club.

I’d also moved back home a few months ago so pulling back to mine was out of the question. The only option was a secluded public place.

Her friends messaged her saying they were at McDonalds so we headed out for a walk in their location. I’d tried to suggesting going back to hers and even going to a nearby park but she told me ” i don’t do that on a first meeting”.

She said she’d want to meet me another day sober so i took her number but i wasn’t expecting much from it.

We walked to her friends where i introduced myself to the guy and girl. They seemed nice, and since i didn’t want to impose i said my good-byes. My girl proceeded to tell her friends she’d back in 5 minutes.

We walked to a nearby shop corner were i pushed her against the doors and carried on the makeout. Things were heating up but it was now raining, so the secluded park i had in mind was now also ruled out.

She said she’d want to meet me another time but i didn’t think she would even remember me in the morning. She said she wasn’t that drunk, and would remember so we pinky promised to meet the following day.

We carried on making out for another 15 minutes whilst her friends were waiting for her. Things were getting quite hot and heavy but all my logistical pull locations were ruled out, and her friends were waiting for her so we parted ways.

I went home with a great deal of  blue balls having been so excited but i was happy since i’d had a good night of fun regardless if she came out or not.

Day 2

I texted her the following day and she replied, so we setup a date in the evening for 8.30pm. I got a quick gym workout in, before heading to Starbucks to meet her.


My plan was to meet her and gauge things, if it was on after the first venue, to get a room for the night and split it with her. Or i could do something adventurous in a park/toilet.

She arrived and seemed to be a bit-distant at the start but i figured she just wanted to get to know me a bit before she would loosen up.

We got to the first venue where she bought a Latte to my surprise. I didn’t want to be too on-straight away so i completely rolled off. We did general chit-chat before we moved to another bar.

This time she bought a drink and things started to heat up again. I was delaying the kiss  to build tension. I tried to seed the idea of “netflix and chill” by hiring a room for the night but she again told me about her ‘rule’.

I didn’t make it a big deal and figured i’d try again later once things were getting hot and heavy.

After the drinks we went to grab some food since she was hungry. It was raining like the previous night but this time it felt more magical. We would stop every 5 minutes or so and i would pull her in, sneakily using my umbrella to shield us.

We walked towards the University Campus benches, since it was the only dry, secluded place at the time.

I tried to push things forward with but she remained adamant on her rule, that she wasn’t going to do anything that night.

I told her that if we got room i wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to , and even if we spent the whole night only kissing, i’d be happy. I genuinely meant that.

She replied saying “you might be able to control yourself, but i don’t trust myself”. She proceeded to tell me about how she didn’t believe in one night stands which is why she had the ‘rule’.

“What are you doing tomorrow evening”? She asked. I replied strongly, looking deeply into her eyes with, ” you”. She giggled and said she wasn’t expecting me to answer like that.

We carried on making out and again, things started to really heat up as hands started wandering. I tried to get on top of her but she’d stop every 5 minutes and remove herself from the situation.

It had been an on-off rollercoaster the night before, and the same thing was happening today. This was causing my balls a great deal of stress.

Since she didn’t want to do anything that night, i figured we could get a room the following day and she agreed. I ended up having to put a stop on things since i started to feel actual pain from the blue balls.

I was being overstimulated by her but being stopped every time, keeping me on the edge. It felt incredibly hot when she decided to basically give me a lap dance but at the same time insanely frustrating.


And all it cost me was a Latte

We kissed goodbye and she got an uber home whilst i went to the clubs to meet a few friends that were out. I joined them but was feeling an intense case of blue balls.

This intense pain started to change to throbbing, and eventually i had to leave with my friends to try and aid the situation.

The following day i didn’t want to leave my bed. My balls felt like they were on fire and as i told my friends about the problem they joked saying there was only one solution, to release it.

There was no way i was going to release myself if i was going to meet her later that night. I looked up accommodation in the city to find the cheapest private room being close to $200 whereas the following day it was half the price.

I texted Coventry girl and suggested we meet the following day since it would be alot cheaper and i also had other plans, but really i was in intense pain and didn’t think i would be able to perform.

She replied saying it was probably for the best as her friends were wanting her to go out that night aswell. I spent the rest of the day in bed and declined the invite from my friends to go out in the evening much to my dismay.

Day 3

The following day i felt a bit better but the pain was still there. It felt like the only solution would be a release since it felt like there was build-up that hadn’t been released but i tried to keep hydrated to try and flush it out.

I texted Coventry girl and seeded the idea of meeting her at 9.30pm, she didn’t agree but i thought it would be implied as she’d said that she was “also looking at rooms earlier that day”. so i didn’t think too much of it and assumed we were meeting later on.

I reserved a room for the night in the city at an apartment and figured i’d check-in in around 9pm in the evening as the latest check-in time was 11pm. I left my friends place at 5pm and proceeded to get in the worst luck.

Waiting 30 minutes for the next train home, getting on the train then getting off at the next stop, catching another train that was another 30 minutes wait. This meant i was know 2 hrs behind schedule.

The check-in closed at 11pm and it was now 8pm. I tried to get ready as fast as possible, charging my labtop, downloading 2 movies, charging my phone and freshening up. It was now 9pm.

She texted me asking “what the plan for tonight was as she was still in bed” i was surprised as this meant i hadn’t been clear enough about meeting her at 9.30pm.

It slightly worked in my favour since i was running a bit late so i told her to meet me in the city at 10.30pm.

She gave some resistance saying it was a bit late and when i tried to convince her she persisted asking why i wanted to meet so late.

I genuinely told her that i got bad luck with the trains and was running behind time. At this point i wasn’t sure if she’d come out and started to get frustrated.

The room was already booked and i’d already spent time getting ready, but it was quite late and not how i originally wanted to do things. Did i take the risk of going to the city only have to have her change her mind last minute?

As i caught an uber to the city i was fuming. I told the uber driver my story his only wisdom was to apologize which i was already thinking about doing since i’d messed up the logistics and leading to confirm and setup a proper time.

I texted her a “sorry” and she replied saying “don’t be sorry x, i’m getting ready” so i started to relax and arrived at the apartment i booked, and checked-in at 10.30pm.

I set up my labtop , turned off the main lighting and turned the TV on. She texted me saying “she was on the way”.


Trying to deep breath yesterday

I headed out and walked to the nearby corner store to buy a nut bar as i’d skipped dinner. Once opening the nut bar it split in half and fell on the floor which aided in my frustration.

I’d planned to walk with her once she arrived and picking up a bottle of wine but i didn’t want to take any chances as the liquor store closed in 15 minutes so i picked up a bottle.

The blue balls pain started to return so i went to a nearby cubicle to try and sort things out. Finally the release and buildup was cumming out. Literally. She texted me saying she was 5 minute away.

The 3 days of blue balls was slowly coming out but she was arriving in 5 minutes. I did my best to remain calm but i was in severe pain.

It’s not a good idea pissing and cumming at the same time. I started to doubt how i would even be able to get it up later that night.

I considered the option of giving her the room address and telling her i can’t make it, cancelling because of the problem that i was having.

She called me saying she’d arrived and was on Marlbourough Street and i told her i was 2 minutes away before doing my best to speed things up and running from the toilets to the road to meet her.

As i sprinted up the hill to the road i heard my name shouted, and i turned to see her across the road. I felt quite embarrassed that she’d seen me running to meet her.

I told her genuinely i’d been stressing since it would have been obvious to see but i didn’t want to make it a big deal and she said not to worry as we walked to the apartment.

She said she was also not sure if she was going to come out since i’d asked her to come out so late.

We got back to the apartment where we sat on the bed and i set-up the movie. I started escalating 15 minutes in, as i got the idea she was hardly watching the movie.

The pain of my blue balls was subsided by my hornyness and before long i wasn’t even thinking about it anymore.

Clothes started to come off and  i was on top of her pulling her hair and pinning her hands above her head.

The sex felt amazing considering i’d had the most severe case of blue balls i’d ever experienced.

I hadn’t given in to self-release and as a result i had an intense explosion. Thus i was cured from my blue balls which put a nice smile on my face.

When i asked her why she decided to sleep with me she said ” We just clicked and it felt like we got along so things happened”.

She spent the night over before leaving the following morning as we had to check-out of the room at 10am.


A happy bunny in the morning

[1] The more i do night-game the more this mindset proves to be of great importance.

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2018 Off To A Good Start – Nightgame Pull

I’d just finished a 10 hour shift at work and was considering going home but it was a Thursday night. I knew the pub crawl was on and had been receiving texts from Mr.A asking if i was coming down.

It was still slightly early and a friend from work said he was going to see his old bar manager, so i tagged along. A few cocktails later we parted ways as i told Mr.A i was on the way.

I arrived and there seemed to be a fair amount of girls. Mr.A informed me of 2 German girls that he’d met the week before that he needed winging with. They were standing just outside of the dance floor so i had to jump into action off the bat to wing him.

It was going well but my girl decided that she needed to go half-way through taking her friend with her. As i looked for other girls to talk too i spotted a cute brunette sat on her own at a table.


Lone Gazelle on a table yesterday

I’d noticed her earlier playing cards with some guys and figured she was with one of them but now the guys had disappeared giving me the perfect opportunity to approach her.

I went over and introduced myself to find out she was also from the UK – a small town named Frinton. We vibed and i made rapport with her to try and calm things down.

The eye contact felt strong with her as i started to play with her hands first, then inter-locking them with my own. I’d fractionate it, pulling away first so she didn’t have the option too.

She told she’d just arrived earlier that day from Australia and was out with a friend who she was supervising. The friend now dancing with another guy. She also said she was staying in a 8 bed -hostel dorm room, so i ruled out going back to hers.

The moment felt right so i went for the kiss and it was reciprocated. After a while of fractionated kissing and talking she says to “if you’re looking to sleep with a girl tonight go and find someone else, you’re wasting your time”.

I told her quite truthfully “i didn’t care if we slept together or not, i was just enjoying my time with her”. The kissing soon turned quite sexual as she started to use alot of tongue .

I suggested we go for a walk which she didn’t object to. We walked out hands interlinked, on the way to the nearby park were we started up again. This time on the grass, with me on top of her.

Half-way through she stopped and said to me very seriously ” look i don’t care about the answer to this question but i just want the truth, do you do this all the time?”

I replied cocky funny at first before telling her “if i see someone i like i’ll go over to say hello” .

As i’m half-way through unzipping my jeans she tells me “she has a room”. I understood it as her not wanting to do anything in the park so i walked her back to her room.

We walked back to the hostel and up the elevator to her room which was on the top floor. As she put the key card into the reader i was shitting myself considering the logistical nightmare.

An 8-bed dorm , having to deal with potential people that were still awake , should i introduced myself to them or not?  She opened the door to reveal a private double bed room.

“This isn’t an 8 bed dorm room?” i said. She replied saying “well if i told you that i had a private double bed it would have been too appealing” .

I was shocked but happy as the logistical nightmare was avoided. The sex was quite passionate with her digging into my back and afterwards she asked if i wanted to go or stay.

I told her i didn’t mind staying and spent the night snuggled next to her. I asked her if she was shocked when i kissed her and she said ” well i assumed that you would kiss me as that’s what people do when they go over and talk to a girl”.


A fun night of adventures

She was leaving 5 days later, taking a trip to travel up north in the country so we spent the following few days together before she left.


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2017 Daygame Stats / Year Review

It’s that time of the year again to post up stats and reflect back on how the year has progressed. So here we go:

2017 stats


In 2016 i did 781 approaches got 233 numbers 20 dates and 2 lays.

This year i did 448 approaches got 201 numbers 14 dates and 3 lays.

I did less approaches ( around 54% less) , but my number to approach ratio increased. In 2016 i was closing 30% of my opens compared to 44% this year.

In 2016 it took me 39 approaches for a date on average, compared to 32 this year. In 2016 out of 233 numbers 6 came out = 2% or 38 numbers for a solid number. In 2017 out of 201 numbers 4 came out = 1% or 50 numbers for a solid number.

And of course in 2016, 2 lays and in 2017 2+0.999=3 lays (Dutch rounding 😉 )

There have been several factors this year that had hindered my progress in terms of lays, but besides that i see a great deal of improvement. My number to approach rate is better as are the number of approaches for a date, but my number to date ratio is slightly worse. 50 numbers for a solid number and only 4 girls out of 200 numbers.

Nightgame Lays: 1

Out of the 14 dates:

Daygame Lays: 2

kissed/near miss:3

1.  German Bathroom Pull SDL

2. First Nightgame Lay- 

3. Canadian 2017 Kicker – Making out, walked her back to hostel, went inside and arranged to meet the following day, never saw her again.

4. Swedish Valentine – Making out outside her hostel, arranged to meet another time, never saw her again.

5.  Latvian girl date – It was a great energy , she rejected my first kiss attempt and i felt things change after that, i kissed her before she left at the train station with plans to meet another day, one or two texts were sent before she flaked. I didn’t even try to bang her on the date opting to take it slower. In hindsight i think she wanted to fuck on the first date.

6. Aussie Flight Attendant – Didn’t kiss her because i thought she was too hot for a quick sexual encounter, we had solid plans to meet up another time, never happened, she flaked.

7. Lizzie Kiwi Date- She was a very shy university girl that i liked who had come out on a date. On the date there was a moment where i should have kissed her but i didn’t because i thought she was too nervous and shy already, i wanted to kiss her at my “magical spot” rather than the opportunity that was presented to me. I also made her late for work not keeping track of time. Never heard from her again.

8. Kyrgyzstan Idate- We went for a coffee i didn’t push things with her because she was busy the following day as was i, we made plans to meet another time, she flaked.

9. Scouser girl Idate-  She rejected my kiss attempts and friendzoned me after finding out my real age.

10.  Russian milf Idate- We had solid plans to meet later in the evening after i went to the gym, texted her and she vanished.

11. French girl day 2– Pushed things as much as i could with her out of sheer frustration, got nothing more than some hand holding, we had plans to meet another time, but she went to travel the country and since flaked.

12. German Cutie Idate- Went for a drink before she went off to watch La La Land at the cinema on her own, she had a boyfriend back home which she told me ( this explained her rejection to escalation attempts on the date)  i tried to  push to get her out but she didn’t come out.

13. Kiwi Timewaster- Walked around for a few hours with her since i was horny and it was late at night, she had nothing better to do, never went anywhere.

14. Russian UK Idate- Tried to kiss her it was too fast, still in contact over WhatsApp.

Reading over these i seem to be noticing a general pattern of not pushing the interactions on several occasions for various reasons. There seems to be a general line that i keep over-writing of “agreeing to meet another time, and never seeing them again”

There were alot of life factors to take into consideration that explain some of the stats. In month 1 i was travelling in the UK, hence the lower number closes.

In month 5 i was busy with final year exams at university. Month 6 i moved into the city and got a job as a barback /busser to help fund my accommodation.

For the first month or so i had to settle into this new job with crazy hours. But after a few months in, i got a bit more flexibility. I  started to do alot more nightgame. I would be out almost every tue/thurs night to hit the backpacker night/pub crawl and then the occasional sat/sun if i had the night off.

Almost every week that i went out something would happen with a girl. The reason why something would always happen every week was because i was pushing for it. Every week i would tell myself the same thing “surely there has to be atleast 1 girl in this club right now that is horny ”

And in the last month or so before i had to move back home, i was really getting into a good groove. It wasn’t always a lay, but i’d have some kind of strong interaction or memorable set.

These were:

Dutch girl lay–  I managed to get my umbrella back but unfortunately couldn’t fully seal the deal as she said she was “seeing someone else”.

German Girl – Strong Lead , but she’s now in Abu Dhabi

A handful of makeouts with a Dutch Lesbian, Exotic Kiwi girl, another Dutch girl’s friend, and a kiwi teacher that i pinned against a shop window and made out with. An English girl that kissed me.

Unfortunately the only reason i could go out at night was due to me living in the city, and in the last few weeks i moved back home to save money. Aswell as being quite burned out from the hours i was having to do to stay in the city.

This bring me nicely onto my plans for 2018. I’m currently 3/4 of the way through my first book entitled “Journey To The Lay” which is an account of the first 2 years of my daygame journey before getting my first lay.

My stats say it takes me 32 approaches for a date. So if i plan to do 30 approaches a week it should equate to 1 date a week which should be atleast 3-4 dates a month. That would be 30+ dates a year. I don’t think that’s too bad.

They say an intermediate can get 1 lay a month, and i’m confident that i could get that if not more, with logistics and doing enough sets. To test this out, i plan to work hard for 3 months to save up. Then live in the city for 3 months off a part time job and the savings.

So i will have enough time to daygame and won’t be too tired from doing crazy hours of work just to live in the city.

It will be my 3 months to prove to myself that I’ve done enough in my home city and am ready to travel to different countries for daygame.

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Nightgame Escapades


Not quite Moskva but close enough 😉

Over the last two months i’d been getting in the groove of doing some regular nightgame. Having moved into the city 6 months ago, i could now go out at night. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to move back home, sacrificing the logistics i had in the city till i figure out my next plan going forward.

In the last 2 months, me and Mr.A would be out night-gaming regularly 2-3 nights a week usually Tue/Thurs/Sat. Sometimes a couple more nights during the week. I’d had several interactions and references during this time that are worth mentioning.

These are:

  • Another dutch girl makeout – I was working a dutch girl all night, she was a really cute blonde that i was quite attracted too. Whilst Mr.A was working the friend. Half-way through the night i spotted her outside smoking with a group of 3 other dutch girls.

One of the dutch girls asked my target something in dutch, i said “that’s rude you should speak in English in the presence of someone who doesn’t know what you’re saying”. She then replied “i asked her in Dutch if you kissed her” and she said “no”*. I replied “well i’m working on it i’m not quite there yet” and she laughed.

As i proceeded in conversation with this other dutch girl my original target and her friend left. It was at first a weird dynamic because she obviously knew i liked her friend given my statement, but i started to get positive vibes from here. A few minutes in I put her hands on my shoulders and realized this girl is up for it.  I went in for the kiss and it was reciprocated.

It was crazy that i was know making out with her friend. I tried to pull here away to grab some food but almost on que her guy friend walked out of the club. she said she’d need to check with her “friends” first. I maintained conservation with other random guys to show non-neediness whilst in the corner of my eye i was watching her talk to her guy friend.

The guy friend’s eyes immediately lit up and gave her the greenlight to come off on an adventure with me. Ye right…  It turns out this guy was actually her boyfriend as she literally tried to run towards me he grabbed her with two arms and pulled her back, she was literally trying to run away and escape but he would block her off, it was the most bizarre thing to watch.


An actual photo i managed to snab

Eventually she went back to her friends and i tried to pull her back several times but i wasn’t met with a warm welcome by her Dutch guy friends and she know had the social pressure of her friends. Coincidentally my original target was now cold whenever i tried to approach her again as she probably found out that i’d madeout with her friend.

  • Kissing a dutch Lesbian

I was speaking to 4 dutch girls that i commonly see on a night out and had opened 3 of them individually with no real luck.  I opened the 4th girl who was sat alone and began to tease her about being another one of these crazy dutch girls, she loves it and i amp up the cocky funny.

She then tells me she’s a lesbian, and i question her percentage to which she says ” I still likes cock around the 70/30 ratio”. I don’t make it a big deal or let it phase me that she’s a “lesbian” and carry on. As we start to get more touchy she pulls me in and starts to kiss my neck upwards slowly, it was one of the most hottest things I’ve ever felt.


Euphoric feeling a few weeks ago

I’ve worked with  quite a few lesbians in my job and as a result i know how they behave even on night’s out they kiss guys just for the fun of it. I began to talk to her about about the difference she feels between men and woman and as i talk about how a women’s touch is different i caress her arm and thighs with the back of my palm.

A few minutes later the tension is building so i figure fuck it i’ll try and kiss her nothing to lose. I went for the kiss and we kissed on the lips before her friends call her to dance, she says she has to go dance. 30 minutes later i walk past the stage and i see her making out with another girl on stage, i thought about going on the stage and joining in but i opted not to out of fear of rejection and figured i’d catch her on the smoking balcony again. I never saw her again that night. **

Exotic Kiss close – An exotic girl i opened one night on the way to a club, it was going ok till her 2 friends arrived 1 guy and 1 girl. I told them the name of the club i was going too and they followed along as i met Mr.A . Later i saw the girl inside and her friends had left her, we made-out and she said she wanted to go smoke weed with a friend but she’d be back,she didn’t have a phone and i didn’t see here again.

Over the last 2 months almost every week i’d go out there would be a story about atleast 1 girl  and in the last week leading to me moving out was one of the best weeks i’d had.

The reason why something would always happen every week was because i was pushing for it. Every week when times were tough i would tell myself the same thing “surely there has to be atleast 1 girl in this club right now that is horny as fuck” and every week that i went out i’d have some sort of sexual experience/potential lay with a girl.

It wasn’t always like this however, during my first few weeks and interspersed throughout i faced some incredibly harsh lessons that really opened my eyes and taught me some valuable lessons.

These include

  • German Smurf –

There was 2 cute German girls outside in the smoking balcony, i was deeply attracted to the tall brunette as compared to her shorter friend. I was speaking to her for a good few minutes doing my best attraction before my wing came in. For some reason we swapped targets as he seemed to be getting a better response.

A few more minutes goes by and in the corner of my eye i see he is now making out with my original target whilst i’m still talking to the short girl. *** I spent the rest of the night with her with no luck before grabbing her number. My wing continued to make-out with the friend and walked her back to her hostel but with no luck in the end.

I messaged her and she replied initially but then flaked. I then saw her out again a week later on their final night in the city, my wing wasn’t there at the time and i tried to push things with the short girl.

Towards the end of the night i literally called her away from her friend to sit down next to me as i tried to kiss her and she didn’t kiss me back. I was dumbfounded as to why she didn’t want to leave to “grab food with me”.

She explained that her and her friend made a pact not to ” fall in love” which is why she can’t come with me but if she came back to the city she’d text me.  I proceeded to wish her the best and left to tell my wing “any guy who tries with her tonight goodluck,they wont’ get anywhere since she had a “pact” she’d just told me about in “truthful deep rapport and after me giving her the best of “Attraction”” .

10 minutes later i see her making out with another PUA guy i know on the dance floor, they then walk out too grab food. I later meet-up with him and he tells me she gave him a blowjob in an alleyway. Great “pact”.

  • Another German girl- Similar situation i opened her, was deeply attracted doing my best attraction, 10 minutes later another PUA guy is making out with her having pulled away from her friends.


  • Seeing backpacker girls that i’d stop and cold approach during the day seeing how they behave at night, trying to seduce them with no luck but the right guy comes along and seals the deal.

These were real eye opener situations as you don’t often get to see the girl again let alone see the girls on a night out and see the guys that she ends up going home with. I definitely encourage some nightgame to any daygamers that want to improve there skills.

*In hindsight it’s funny to think i was still “working my way” to kiss the dutch girl , then i meet her friend and kiss her within minutes. Maybe i should have escalated faster with her.

** I wish i had atleast tried in a socially calibrated way as i never know what might of happened.

*** What’s funny about this is given the other way round, would i have escalated so fast or was i blinded by her beauty to not escalate so quick. I don’t think i would have..

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My Final Week In The City

I was leaving my CBD apartment in the city, so in my last week i did my best to use the logistics that i had. This ultimately led to quite a crazy week where i was pushing things hard.

On Thursday night i was out at the pub crawl where i kissed a Dutch Lesbian. On the Friday i was out daygaming before my shift at work, but the leads didn’t really go anywhere. On Saturday i finished my shift early which mean’t i could use the time to daygame.

The first 5 girls i spoke to, 4 of them had boyfriends. Half-way through the evening both my wings decided they had to leave, one of them to see a regular, whilst the other was going back home to see his family. I was know left on the streets quite late at night alone. Having done a few hours already with no real results i was frustrated.

I previously joked with my wing before he left that i was quite horny, so i have 2 options. I can go home and watch some porn or i can stay out on the streets and use my hornyness. I proceeded uphill feeling like a soldier charging through the trenches.[1] 


The uphill struggle yesterday

The next 4 girls i spoke to were all number closes.[2]The first was a cute french girl dressed like Lara croft. I stopped her and layed my tiger eyes on her quite thick which she was happy to receive. She’d just arrived in the country and had already been invited to a party.[3] She invited me along but i told her i had plans and i took her number.

Whilst in set with her i spotted a stunner dressed in a sexy dress and heels and so immediately after closing the french girl i chased after her. I initially hesitated as we got to the traffic light, but i convinced myself in.

She was Brazilian and looked phenomenal in her heels and dress revealing her figure and body fully which i didn’t see before. She was lawyer back home but was here learning English. The vibe went well and she was heading out to the clubs, i felt quite intimidated talking to her but i pulled through and managed to get her number at the end.


Literally like this but slightly older, and bigger boobs and ass being Brazilian

I was then informed by wings of mine that they would be out hitting the clubs so i figured i’d join them since i didn’t have anything better to do. The first club we went to was ok, but we mainly just danced around having a good time loosening up.[4]

In the 2nd club as soon as me and my wing got in i spotted 2 girls, 1 very cute blonde girl and her brunette friend. I immediately beckoned him to wing me with the brunette as i was attracted to the blonde quite a bit.


Like this but with a fully black dress

I approached her without saying a word but smiling and giving her deep eye contact, she smiled and laughed and we had very basic conversation but the bulk of the work was being done by my eyes and the vibe. She was a teacher.

At one point she asked ” what are you doing you’re just staring at me” i replied ” i like what i see, what can i say”. At one point i tried to kiss her but it was too soon and i rolled off playfully, i also felt she felt the social pressure because of other friends being around her.

In the corner of my eye i could see some pushing and shoving going on and seconds later i can see my wing intervene. I turn around to see one of my other friends in a scuffle with 3 guy triple his size. My wing had already tried to calm things down so naturally i had to leave the set to protect my friend and move the 3 clowns along.

Nothing ended up happening in the end and i went back to the set. My girl said ” gosh i hate people like that who just go out to start trouble” i agreed before changing the topic. At this point i’d already taken her number, i asked her if she has plans on the weekend to which she said she didn’t and i told her we should go out. Her vibe wasn’t there yet so we carried on chit-chat to calm her down.

I then took her hands and put them on my shoulders to dance with her and  i could feel that magical tension that usually happens sometimes. I went for the kiss and we started to makeout.

Shortly after this i told her let’s go outside to get some fresh air and she complied. Up until this point i hadn’t gotten this far with a girl during the night so it was quite exhilarating leading her out of the club as i passed my wing who gave me a wink.

We walked outside the club and around the corner before i pushed her against a shop window and we continued to make out. It felt electric. Maybe there is something about the masculinity of the whole thing, leading a girl outside and now kissing her against a shop window.


Smashing limiting beliefs yesterday

She then wanted to ask me all these questions. It was like a backwards interaction since the set started off in attraction but now i felt she needed some rapport.

All of a sudden she stopped and started to stare at me, i asked her “what’s wrong, i know what’s going on your body is telling you yes but your head is telling you no” She took a moment then said to me ” it’s not that it’s just this sort of thing has happened to me in a while” In that moment i was hit with that vulnerability statement from her it was genuine and i didn’t know how to react so i sort of replied. [5]

I told her about my job, my dreams, and plans for the future to try and bed things down before we continued to makeout. I then told her we could go back to mine if she promised to behave, she said she didn’t want to leave her friends. I said we go back to mine then i’d get her an uber back if she wanted. She then said that she wasn’t going to uber to mine then all the way back to the club.

I thought she was hinting at staying the night so i told her she could stay the night if she promised to behave and she said she needed to see her friends first.

As we got outside the club they were no longer letting anyone back in and it was one-way door policy. Upon finding this out my girl immediately got on her phone which i presume was to text her friends. [6]

I happened to know the bouncer and tried to get him to let us back in as a favour, helping me out with the girl. In the end i managed to get him to let us in as i thought it would demonstrate social proof.

My girl went in and found her friends. I went back to my friends who had all thought i’d sealed the deal but i hadn’t. I texted her as i saw her leaving with her friends and she said “we are taxiing home sorry,” i tried to get her to come out saying i’d put her in an uber back home but she said ” thanks, but i just want to go home,  maybe catch you another time”.

The following day – Sunday, i set-up a date with the french girl that i had met late that night before, i thought it would be too soon but when i suggested the drink she agreed.

I was incredibly horny due to the antics of the night before, getting so close with the kiwi teacher but having it slip up in the end.

She turned up looking very sexy in black tights and a black dress. We went to the first venue and had a drink, she wasn’t quite warmed up but i invited her back to a park /back to mine for another drink to which she said ” i don’t like this idea, i don’t usually do these things so fast with guys”.


A petite version of this

I rolled off and had another drink with her in a 2nd venue, at this point she started to soften and warmup to me some more. She was from the South of France and showed me picture of the beach house that she lived on , waking up to breath-taking views every morning.

I tried to physically escalate but she verbalized her fears saying ” she doesn’t like to do these sorts of things”. As we walked past a bowling alley she told me about how good she was and so i made a mental note for an adventure bubble should i need it.

She also told me about how easy it was to make friends here and all the people she’s already met ( hot girl “problems”). When i asked her about her favourite books she would mention things like “The Great Gastsby” and i could tell she was quite cultured and traveled.

My problem was hard trying to relate to her on all these things that at times i honestly had no relation to, in the end we did hit the sweet note of  “connection” when we talked about getting in touch with old friends, something we’d both done and had a good experience with.

In the end i walked her back to her hostel arm in arm and she mentioned her fears about how she hardly knew me, when i challenged her on it changed to her saying ” well i know you a little but not well enough yet” i had her pegged as a couple of dates kinda gal, she wasn’t going to be “easy”, but i’d done my job going for the kiss multiple times perhaps too many but i was proud that i had been trying to push things as much as possible.

We were messaging for a few days as i tried to setup a 2nd date with her as an adventure bubble bowling and the last reply i got from her was as follows:

“Sorry i took a van and drove to the south of the country”.

I also kept messaging the teacher we were texting for a few days but she since flaked and never responded to my invites out.

Going back the only thing i would have done differently would have been to introduce myself to her friends so when the time was right they would have been ok with her coming back with me and replied genuinely to her genuine concern.

I also wouldn’t have not been so black and white with her about coming back to mine and should have made it more fun and playful.

[1] Iv’e had past experiences where I’ve felt this horny and almost always it has led me to have a sexual experience with a girl.

[2] Goes to show you what might of not happened if i had chosen option 1. Go home and watch porn

[3] Shock horror of being a hot girl, arriving in the country not even a day and already being invited to a party.

[4] This is a key component of nightgame that so many guys seems to forget. Not so much of an issue if you’re naturally this type of guy, but most guys i see are the statue drink in hand type.

[5] I didn’t exactly brush off her response but rather acknowledged it and carried on like nothing happened. It reminds of a German girl who said a similar thing to me 2 years ago , i replied similarly brushing it off and carrying on and it went nowhere. It would be interesting to see what would happened if i replied more genuinely here along the lines of ” listen that’s ok, i don’t usually do this sort of thing either but sometimes you see someone you like and you have to take a chance”

[6] Maybe a smarter move at this point would have been to stay with her and not get her back into the club to meet her cockblocks friends.

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The English Girl That Kissed Me

It was Thursday night again, backpacker night, and i didn’t really feel like going out. I’d just been to the gym and it was now 8pm, the streets were empty so the nightgame bar crawl was the only option. My plan was just to meet up with Mr.A to recount the story of the Dutch girl . We met up and once inside the venue it was jam-packed with hotties. I immediately felt the urge to start approaching.

I spoke to a few different girls, one of which was a cute brunette English girl. First i overheard her being chatted up several times on the dance floor and picked up on her English Accent. I  could tell from her reaction that the set was going nowhere with the guy.

Let’s say something like this

I waited for my moment before heading over and opening her strong. She tried to guess were i was from, and i kept the cocky funny as it was quite obvious but i didn’t bite. It went well and we bantered quite easily on the UK banter flow.  She was there with her 4 girl friends. I introduced myself to them as i found out they all worked together and 1 of the girls was leaving hence why there were all out. They were all medics at a Hospital.

Towards the end of the night i’d been going around talking to different sets and had a really good vibe, but the set with her felt the strongest.I was fractionating between dancing with her, bantering with her friends, and talking to other sets.

All of a sudden she came up to me and asked if i had a phone. I said ” i do”, knowing full well what was about to happen. She asked if she could put her facebook in my phone as it would be nice to get to know me outside of a club setting.  Me flowing and doing too much cocky funny, i playfully said “no” to her but she took it badly and stormed off.

Fuck. I tried to call her back but she wasn’t happy and danced with her friends the rest of the night. My gut was telling me that what i did was a bit much and i knew i’d apologize to her when the time was right, but i’d let the emotions play out first to remain un-needy as she wasn’t going anywhere.

About 30 minutes later Mr.A wants to leave, so i tell him i’ll go try and close the English girl then we’ll leave. She walks past and comes over saying ” you’re still here” i then sincerely tell her that i’m sorry as i know how hard it was to do what you did , (women don’t do daygame) .

It was very genuine and she immediately unexpectedly kisses me on the cheek which i wasn’t expecting. She tells how much of a good guy i am and i tell her to put her FB in my phone. She says she she needs to go to the toilet ,but if i’m still here when  i return she’ll do it.

She comes back and she gives me a massive bear hug like where long lost lovers. She puts her number in my phone, as i try and make plans to meet /schedule a date on Sunday. She said she had to leave for work early tomorrow as did i. At first i tried to brush it off saying “wouldn’t you rather spend the night with me?”She replies “I’d love to spent the night with you but i’m with my 2 friends”.  A few seconds later unexpectedly again she kisses me on the lips. What the fuck.

We make-out for a bit and she almost tries to get up and leave at which point i question her ” so is that what you do you just kiss guys and leave” she replied ” well it’s more mysterious that way”. I told her i had to get going and i figured i could get her out over facebook for a date later that week. As i leave she tries to kiss me goodbye i pull away not letting our lips touch and say ” you’ll have to wait for the date” she replies saying ” smart man”. I walked over to her friends to wish her leaving friend a safe trip and as i walk away she slaps my arse.

I walked half way home and questioned going back and running the train with her. Do i risk burning the lead and appearing needy despite having already said goodbye to them? I re-walked back to the club and stand outside calling Mr.A. I  then re-decide to walk back home.


What my face looked like at that point

She accepted my friend request and were messaging alot but the first few times i invited her out she rejected my invitation due to being quite busy, eventually she flaked and i never got her out. I couldn’t understand it, she was attracted to me to the point where she wanted to take my number and even kiss me, yet i couldn’t get her out again.

Lesson learned what i should have done that night. Despite not getting the lay it definitely felt like my skills were improving and i was making progress.

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